new stuff (again) :)

 *Sorry for the blurry photos I saw them now..enjoy

hair cuff: H&M

nail polish:DIVINE LUX No 97

nail polish: VERA VALENTI No 25

nail polish: REVOC No 063


pants: BARCODE

bracelet: SHANA

t-shirt: SHANA

blouse: BARCODE

hope u like it !!!see u soon darlings!! <3


new stuff

gold watch: TIMEX 80 from buldoza (u can also see here )
dress: handmade creation of my good friend Maria 
(u can wear it with or without fluo pink belt)

plastic sandals: local store
leather sandals: SHOOZ! 
(orange and yellow fluo with the same skull with hearts but u can put everything u want)

pants : ZARA BASIC

blouse: ZARA BASIC

silver ring with pearl and a little diamond: ANY PEARL jewelry (oh i love that store)